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Spray Tan
3 Flawless private Spray Tan Booths from Italy, for the perfect spray tan
Tanning Beds
From stand-up to super lie-downs, we are Calgary's largest tanning salon
Airbrush Tanning
Get a seamless tan that looks natural and is safe to utilize over and over again
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Friday Oct. 9
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Saturday Oct. 10
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Monday Oct. 12

California Tan

Calgary's Premier Tanning Salon

Calgary's High-Tech Tanning Salon where you can enjoy a luxurious and plush salon experience with the latest tanning equipment. Achieve your perfect tan now at California Tan in Calgary!

The staff at California Tan strive to give you the best customer service and providing you with the best tanning equipment in the industry. As your local tanning salon in Calgary, we have industry certified staff to answer any questions or concerns you have and set-up a personal tanning program to suit your needs and time. Need your Daily Dose of Vitamin D? Call or visit today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Featuring: Unlimited Special Great Savings!

Unlimited special: 1 month super beds and stand ups $120 tax included!! 1 month klassik beds $45 tax included!!


We Have Tons Of Tanning Beds Affordably Priced!

California Tan is Calgary's choice destination for the best tan at the best price! All of our tanning beds are always fully maintained with new bulbs so you'll spend less time at the salon to achieve your perfect tan. We Guarantee to be cheaper than our competitors for regular tanning beds ($45 per month vs $55.64 per month)!

We Have State-Of-The-Art Tanning Beds Maximum Results!

State-of-the-art Tanning Beds. Our tanning beds are engineered for maximum comfort while providing clients with an even, natural tan. Our tanning beds are designed to fit all body types and virtually eliminate pressure points while bathing tanners in highly efficient UV light for maximum results in a fraction of the required exposure time.

Need Suntanning Products We've got 'em!
Australian Gold Suntanning Products available at California Tan
Australian Gold

Live The Gold Life™
The colour you crave - the protection you need™.
Swedish Beauty Suntanning Products available at California Tan
Swedish Beauty

The Swedish Beauty brand originated in Sweden and was founded on using vitamins for healthy skin.
Designer Skin Suntanning Products available at California Tan
Designer Skin

Designer Skin is dedicated to delivering superior results through innovative products with the finest ingredients
California Tan Suntanning Products available at California Tan
California Tan

Sexy Sunless Colour that matches each unique skintone.
Why Choose California Tan
more than just great service
  • No appointment necessary
  • Multiple flawless spray booths
  • State of the art equipment and bulbs
  • Brand new bulbs and face tanners in the Super Beds.
  • New face tanners in Klassik beds
  • We're happy to answer any questions and educate our customers so you can enjoy healthy, beautiful skin
  • Convenient hours
  • Fully certified staff (Smart Tan training)
  • More beds for shorter wait times
  • Sharing packages (completely transferable to anyone)
  • We have 3 private Spray Tan booths from Italy
  • Consumer Choice Winners - 6 years